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Gilad Pellaeon, nicknamed Gil, was a dedicated Human male naval officer, serving for seven decades in the fleets of the Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, Imperial Remnant, and Galactic Alliance, and rose to the position of supreme commander for the latter two governments.

He began his career in the Republic's Judicial Forces, where he ascended the ranks and captained the assault ship Leveler during the Clone Wars.

Pellaeon developed a strong attachment to the navy as an institution, and when the Republic became the Empire, he continued serving aboard the Star Destroyer Chimaera.

At the Battle of Endor, the Chimaera fell under Pellaeon's command, and he issued the retreat order.

Captain Pellaeon remained one of the fleet's more prominent officers until the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn, who selected the Chimaera as his flagship and made Pellaeon his right-hand man.

Pellaeon grew to respect and admire Thrawn throughout the Grand Admiral's campaign against the New Republic, but when Thrawn was assassinated at the Battle of Bilbringi, Pellaeon again was forced to call a retreat.

After Thrawn's death and the failed return of Palpatine, the Empire crumbled around Pellaeon.

He found himself serving as the second-in-command of the warlord Treuten Teradoc, but when Admiral Natasi Daala shared with him her vision of rebuilding the Empire and ending warlordism, he defected to her and played a key role in forming the Imperial Remnant.

Upon Daala's defeat at Yavin 4, she turned command of the Remnant over to Admiral Pellaeon, making him Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet.

He rebuilt the fleet and fought a series of campaigns against the New Republic, but was frequently driven back as the Remnant's resources shriveled.

In 19 ABY, He finally accepted that the only way for the Empire to survive was through a peace treaty, and forced the Council of Moffs to accept a truce with the New Republic.

When the Imperial capital fell to the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong invaders years later, Pellaeon played on the Imperial fleet's absolute loyalty to him to overcome the old-line Moffs' resistance and join the newly formed Galactic Alliance, leading a series of victories over the Yuuzhan Vong.